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How To Prepare My Family For Inheritance
How To Prepare My Family For Inheritance

What is heritance™?

The all in one family app for you and your loved ones

99% of the wills out there, prepare your assets for your loved ones. 
We are more than that. 
 We prepare you and your loved ones to handle your assets.

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What others say about heritance™

The app is beneficial, especially the personality quiz, as it has helped me better decide the conditional bequests that genuinely matter to me.I initially thought that generating a Will would be very daunting, but the app was easy to use and intuitive. It almost seems like a buffet, picking and keying in the information. It’s just that easy!

Eric Wong

I think the capsule function quite cool! I tried it for the first time, and thought it was quite cool, I actually quite like the concept of it because it is like a very secure and private digital space. It allows me to share messages with my most important ppl. I think it’s not like social media cuz there is no feed, but I can still send personalised messages – really liked the personalised capsule box. My loved ones were happy to receive this time capsule because it was a novel experience, I also send to some other friends after the challenge and they found it quite interesting also.


The confluence of wealth inheritance, family inheritance, and value inheritance is what determines and sustains intergenerational mobility.

In today’s digital age where riches-to-rags can happen in moments, it is imperative that everyone hears the heritance’s message on bring values to valuables in order to create sustainable inheritances.

Pulse Tan

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