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Bringing Values to Valuables

heritance is a mobile-first platform that combines cutting edge technology with timeless inheritance principles to ensure smooth and effective transfer of family and wealth inheritance.

Our mobile app empowers consumers to learn, prepare and customize their own inheritance that includes their family network, memories, values and assets at their convenience before passing them down. 

We bring values to valuables, to create long lasting inheritances.

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Latest Updates

Behind the Scenes with our Founders

While heritance app gears up for open beta in the coming months, our founding team have also gotten behind a camera to create ready content to help our users understand our mission, and heart of servitude behind building this app.

heritance creates effective inheritances by bringing values to valuables. And we are taking that very first step to show you how!

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Latest Updates

Upsizing our Tech Team

As things heat up in our upcoming public beta, we are pleased to announce that we have onboarded two new colleagues – Solomon Sim our solutions architect, and Kiefer Soon our full-stack developer.

heritance creates effective inheritances by bringing values to valuables. And we are sparing no expense to bring this to you!

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Latest Updates

Fundraising a Success!

Within the first two months of incorporation, we have reached US$3 million valuation with our successful pre-seed round fully subscribed! We want to thank all of you who have given us your strong vote of confidence and support.

Video Interview

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Meet heritance co-founders Derek, Clifford, and Persis.

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Learn secrets to successful legacy building from the Hoo family.

Halogen Foundation Singapore – heritance Interview Series

See how Sean Kong, CTO of Halogen Foundation, advises youths on wealth and values.

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What others say about heritance

"Gaining clarity on what we want our legacy to be can give us life meaning and purpose. [Derek] talks about the 3S principles which are very helpful in preparing a blueprint for inheritance for the next generation.

I am glad that [Derek's] team is now building a digital platform to weave all the elements of wealth inheritance focusing on family, values and memories. I believe it will be a treasure trove of building a family heritage."

Dr George So, President of Guangdong-Hk-Macau Bay Area Economic and Trade Association

"The confluence of wealth inheritance, family inheritance, and value inheritance is what determines and sustains intergenerational mobility.

In today's digital age where riches-to-rags can happen in moments, it is imperative that everyone hears the heritance's message on bring values to valuables in order to create sustainable inheritances."

Mr Pulse Tan, Director of 91 Investments & Consulting

"heritance's 'family-first, wealth-second' approach is a much-needed solution in today's society where families are distanced and values are weakened.

I can envision heritance being more than just an app, but a social movement capable of upending values poverty and strengthening families."

Mr Jason Wong, Founder of Yellow Ribbon Project and Dads for Life Movement