Our Roots

Bringing Values to Valuables

heritance prepares people for money. We believe in stewarding wealth wisely, sowing into our families and succeeding values with valuables. 

What is #beyondinheritance?

It is said, “no family is united by its wealth alone.” Our heritance mobile app combines financial legacy with memetic legacy to create effective inheritances for families. 

Our Conviction

Start with WHY

Traditional estate planning cannot address family feuds and social ills today. heritance addresses this gap.

HOW we do it

We empower and equip individuals and families to pass down family, values and wealth inheritances through Memory Time Capsules and SmartWill.

WHAT we do

Download the heritance App, available on the App Store and Play Store to try it out today!

Our Team

Clifford Chew
Director of Strategy

Clifford is an accomplished technopreneur, with decades of experience in technology and financial engineering. He holds multiple credentials from NUS, Harvard Business School, and MIT. He’s currently pursuing his Doctorate with Aston Business School.


Clifford also runs his own investment advisory practice and is a certified Associate Estate Planning Practitioner and Master Fund Advisor. On the personal front, Clifford is a loving and involved father with four children.


His passion is to help families achieve their financial goals through passing on values beyond valueables.

Derek Liang
Director of Product Development

Derek is an entrepreneur and established contributor to the estate planning industry.


The co-founder of tech start-up GoalsMapper (the most used finnacial planning app in Singapore) and a published author of 2 books (on value-driven trust planning in private and public organisations in Singapore and Malaysia), Derek has spoken at several high-Profile conferences on the subject and was interviewed by The Straits Times for his contribution to the field.


Outside of work, Derek is married with four children and passionately serves in his church, particulary with special needs and underpriviledged individuals.

Persis Hoo
Legal Counsel

Persis graduated from the Singapore Management University with a Bachelor of Laws.


She assisted in contentious probate matters whre she witnessed sibligs fighting over millions of dollars’worth of estate long after the parents have passed. In the absence of a will, she also assisted clients in making enquiries into the deceased’s estates to recover information on assets and their status of distribution.


The eldest of 7 children, Persis is a young mother to lovely daughter. In her spare time, she loves a good read or cathing a great movie.