What is the heritance Digital App? 

heritance Digital is a revolutionary inheritance planning app, where you can learn, plan, and manage your estate plan at your fingertips. More than 50% of Singaporeans do not have a will. Maybe you are one of them – we get your concerns – lack of time, long meeting hours with a lawyer and just plain procrastination due to the administrative burden. Fret not, heritance Digital is here to solve that and more! You can foster unity amongst loved ones, share precious memories, and write your will all on your mobile phone. Better yet – the heritance App promotes #ValuesBeyondValuables, so you can rest assured that not only your assets but your heritage and legacy will be passed down to your loved ones and future generations.

App Features


Create Tribe members & view their profiles to stay updated on their status such as place of residence, marital status and more.


Create groups such as your childhood gang, nuclear family, or spiritual family. 


Monitor your appointments – you might be appointed as your nephew’s guardian, so stay connected to be prepared.


Bridging relationships brings down the likelihood of an inheritance feud – future-proof your family today!


Did you know? The average person posts almost 10,000 social media posts in their lifetime, but only 1% is worth passing down. Curate that special 1% here at heritance.

Memory Time Capsules

Timely placed memories can impact your loved ones. Do so by scheduling a Memory Time Capsule to share your life story and lessons. You decide who and when. Leave the delivery to us!


Personalize your will on the fly – got a new property? Add it to your asset and decide who to give it to at the click of your finger.

  • Customize your giving with SmartBequest. Set conditions to pass on your assets with values to your beneficiaries. 
  • Include restraints in your giving to prevent over-indulgence for minor children. 
  • Not sure who is suitable as the Executor, Guardian, or Investment Advisor? Our Personality Test will suggest a suitable fit.
Intangible Gifts

Pass on not only material gifts but also timeless life lessons through your Memory Time Capsules, automatically synced to your Will!

SmartWill and SmartWill+

Create your unique Will through SmartWill and SmartWill+. 

SmartWill includes the appointment of representatives, personality-matched roles and simple, straight-forward bequests to your beneficiaries. 

SmartWill+ encompasses all features within SmartWill, with additional clauses such as deferred or conditional distribution, investment decisions and restraints.  

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User Guide

To facilitate your experience, we have prepared a user guide to help you navigate your way through the App if you need to. Download guide here.