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The Future of Singapore’s Hawker Heritage in the hands of Millennials

Maxwell Food Centre, a hawker center located in Singapore’s Chinatown neighborhood,

Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore (Photo by EQRoy on Shutterstock) The hawker culture in Singapore is a powerful thread that connects Singaporeans to their past, better than other tangible heritage icons such as the National Library or the National Theatre. Every Singaporean would have grown up eating at hawker centres, and many tourists visit hawker centres […]

The Legacy of Alfred Nobel

alfred nobel side profile

Every year, the Nobel Prize is awarded “to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.” Extracted from the will of Alfred Nobel himself dated 27 November 1895, this document has resulted in 609 Nobel Prizes awarded to 975 people and organisations from 1901 to 2021. A Swedish chemist, […]

Why is it Important to Know our Heritage?

Jurong Lake Gardens (Photo by Lhu Shi Hui on Unsplash) Many things are essential for our progress in life, such as having enough resources or opportunities. While these are indeed crucial, we introduce a vital but often forgotten element – our heritage. Many parents hold high hopes for their children to succeed by providing them […]

The Walt Disney Family and their ‘Happily-Never-After’

Walt Disney statue in Disneyland

There is a Chinese saying that “wealth does not last beyond three generations.” The Walt Disney family exemplifies this. Walt Disney has been a household name since 1923. The brain and soul behind Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins, Walt was a successful animator and entrepreneur. When he expanded into the amusement park industry by building […]

Interview with Georgie Lee – Insights from a Christian Business and Family Enthusiast

Georgie Lee is the current National President of Gatekeepers Singapore. He had an illustrious career for the past 50 years in journalism, stockbroking and investment banking. Not only has he attained success in the various sectors he has worked in, he is also passionate about mentoring and passing on his wisdoms to the next generation […]

Breakdown of Trust in Family Trusts

“From shirtsleeve to shirtsleeve in three generations” describes the infamous inheritance issues faced by countless families today. To solve this problem, many affluent and high net worth families have turned to the trust structure as a centrepiece of their estate planning with the objective to consolidate and preserve wealth for the future generations. A well-constructed […]

Interview with Steve Tan – Family and Business Exemplar

Persis Hoo (heritance’s Business Development Director) chatted with Steve Tan (not his real name) to learn about his views towards passing down of values in his business and family. A former medical doctor turned Chairman and CEO of a public listed company, Steve has been in the business for more than 30 years. PH: Tell […]

6 Pitfalls of Writing only a Will

In 2016, Singaporeans ranked #3 globally for household wealth and #197 for birth rate. What this means is that our children are going to be much richer before they are ready. Wills are a common and familiar tool most affluent individuals use to distribute their assets when they are no longer around. In China, the […]

5 Lessons Learnt from Tan Kim Seng’s Will

People often mistake family trusts to be a relatively new concept in Asia and Singapore. After all, family trusts were first popularized by Western private banks with a dramatic rise of family offices in recent years. I was captivated by a social media post by the Citizen Archivist project organized by the National Archival Board […]

7 Ideas that Breathe Life into Your Family Trust

Do you know that setting up family trust funds are no longer reserved for the super-rich? In recent years, more licensed trust companies are setting up shop in Singapore, targeting families with as low as $3M in household wealth. With Singapore becoming an “old money” economy, there’s a growing number of younger millionaires who acquired […]