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Why is it Important to Review your Will?

Why is it important to review your Will

People often think that writing a will is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We either procrastinate and leave will-writing to the end of our lifetime, or write a Will once and forget about it. However, did you know it is crucial to review your will? Milestones in life may render your Will revoked, such as remarriage. However, […]

Protect Your Joint Assets With heritance

A recent Straits Times article commented on a recent landmark ruling by the Singapore Court of Appeal regarding joint tenancy. When a property is held in joint tenancy, it means that the co-owner has the automatic right to inherit the property (the law of survivorship) upon the death of the other co-owner. However, the recent case […]

Don’t just take photos – make memories

A recent article by CNA  is a thought piece on how the modern generation takes and stores so many photos (thousands in a typical person’s phone), that photography has become “less about remembering something and more about creating a visual archive of almost everything.” The article also mentions that because we have created so many […]

Is the heritance SmartWill for you?

In a time when everything seems to be advertised as smart technology, it’s no surprise that do-it-yourself (DIY) or online wills have become available. DIY wills are the newest way to handle estate planning and asset distribution without needing a lawyer present. With heritance, however, you can do so much more. You can leave a […]

How to use the heritance app – Hawkers’ edition

How To Pass Down An Inheritance

Food is such a big part of our identity as Singaporeans. We love our 3 Cs dearly: chicken rice, char kway teow and chilli crab. For many of us, we’re willing to queue and pay a premium to get our hands on these plates of piping hot perfection. It’s a sad day when our favorite […]

Interview with Jay Ng – The Three Insights to Impart

Family And Personal Values To Look Out For

Jessy Png (Marketing and Sales Executive) had the joy to start off the year 2022 by interviewing Mr Jay Ng, founder of Makan & Shine and CEO of WeShine. Read on to uncover the motivation behind his radical career switch and how his family and near-death experience have impacted his life views. About Jay Ng […]

Writing A Will, What Do You Need to Prepare?

Family Values For Inheritance

To many, writing a Will is not the top priority when finance or family planning matters come into play. As Singaporeans, we always plan – our journey to financial freedom, the steps needed for success or even simply the pathway to your neighbourhood Kopitiam. So, why do we not plan for the only certainty in […]

What is a Memory Time Capsule?

Digital Memories

Traditionally, Time Capsules are buried under the soil in sturdy containers. They commemorate significant milestones and reminders of individual hopes for the future. I recently participated in a heritage tour at the National Gallery Singapore. I uncovered the Time Capsule contents buried under the foundation stone due for retrieval in 3000. Would anyone remember the […]

Swee Kee: The Rise and Fall of The Chicken Rice Empire

Estate Planning In Singapore

In Singapore, chicken rice is not just a dish. The muse for local film productions, like the ‘Chicken Rice War’, this simple but scrumptious dish holds a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans. Moh Lee Twee started as a street vendor selling chicken and rice out of bamboo tubes. His chicken rice was a […]

The Yeo Family: Yeo-nited No More

yeo hiap seng factory

Whether is it slurping a packet of soya bean drink or gulping down a can of iced grass jelly in the sweltering Singapore weather, Yeo’s drinks have been a part of every Singaporean’s life. A brand synonymous with canned drinks and food, Yeo’s was second only to Fraser & Neave (F&N) when it came to […]