Why is it Important to Review your Will?

Why is it important to review your Will

People often think that writing a will is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We either procrastinate and leave will-writing to the end of our lifetime, or write a Will once and forget about it. However, did you know it is crucial to review your will? Milestones in life may render your Will revoked, such as remarriage. However, […]

What Difference does a Will Makes?

How To Pass Down An Inheritance

What is a Will? It is a legal document that conveys the distribution of your assets after your demise. In a few sheets of paper, you decide the distribution of your tangible and non-tangible assets and even the guardianship for your children below 21. Now, hold your horses, don’t run for the hills! A will […]

The Importance of a Family Constitution

Family Values For Inheritance

You have probably heard of the constitution that governs a nation. In the political world, a constitution is drafted to define the bedrock and set the parameters of the governance of a nation. What about a family constitution? It isn’t all that different. A family constitution lists down a set of guidelines and principles that […]

What are the Different Roles in a Will?

Digital Memories

You might have probably come across multiple scenes in movies that illustrate the following – the family gathers around in a library to hear the reading of a will after the death of a member. Someone, usually a lawyer, takes out a stack of papers from his briefcase to start the session, declaring a set […]

Quick Guide to the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

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They say change is the only constant and this makes the future unpredictable. That is why we save for rainy days, buy insurance plans, and draft our wills. However, even the most ‘kiasu’ Singaporean might overlook an equally important step: doing up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). What is an LPA and why do […]

Quick Guide to the Different Types of Wills

quick guide to different types of wills

Possibly life-changing, the will is one of the most important documents that you need to have. This article is a quick and simple guide to all you need to know about wills. What is a will and why do you need it? It is a document that encompasses your instructions and wishes on how you […]

Breakdown of Trust in Family Trusts

“From shirtsleeve to shirtsleeve in three generations” describes the infamous inheritance issues faced by countless families today. To solve this problem, many affluent and high net worth families have turned to the trust structure as a centrepiece of their estate planning with the objective to consolidate and preserve wealth for the future generations. A well-constructed […]