Interview with Ms Deirdre Goh – The Successful Integration of Family Values and Business

How To Pass Down An Inheritance

Persis Hoo (Business Development Director) caught up with Ms Deirdre Goh, a power woman that is successful both on the work front and at home, to find out her secrets to successfully integrating family values passed down from her grandfather with her family’s real estate business. PH: Tell us more about your journey from starting […]

Interview with Georgie Lee – Insights from a Christian Business and Family Enthusiast

Georgie Lee is the current National President of Gatekeepers Singapore. He had an illustrious career for the past 50 years in journalism, stockbroking and investment banking. Not only has he attained success in the various sectors he has worked in, he is also passionate about mentoring and passing on his wisdoms to the next generation […]

Interview with Steve Tan – Family and Business Exemplar

Persis Hoo (heritance’s Business Development Director) chatted with Steve Tan (not his real name) to learn about his views towards passing down of values in his business and family. A former medical doctor turned Chairman and CEO of a public listed company, Steve has been in the business for more than 30 years. PH: Tell […]