About us

heritance Digital is a rapidly growing tech startup based in Singapore.

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Values and Culture


We want to be real with how we feel, behave and relate and able to feedback to each other with love and compassion.

Above the Line

We will take up the OAR [Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility] and row, NOT lie on our BED [Blame, Excuses, Denial] and rot!


We live out our purpose by positively disrupting the inheritance ecosystem. We want to be creative in overcoming problems and offering solutions.


We make complicated processes simple!


As an ambassador of the company, we want to delight our stakeholders with our work excellence and passion.

Inheritance Planning

Jessy Png
Marketing and sales exectuvie

I love challenging limits and exploring new elements to upgrade myself. It is fun and fulfilling working with my colleagues here! heritance has provided me with a platform to grow, explore, and learn. The unique thing about heritance is that they walk the talk when they say ‘family’. I admire their perspective of how humans are the best capital an organization can possess.

Family Values For Inheritance

Kiefer Soon
Full stack Developer

 Being with heritance is lovely because we are one family here. The company mission is purposeful to me as it aligns with my personal values where the family is always put first. When in doubt I think about my family and my team, it gives me energy. I’m glad I’m with this organization where I am given continuous support & trust to work on the things I love. 

Current Open Roles

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