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Why Tribe?

Want to avoid costly and emotional family inheritance feuds? Start by building relationships.

Unlike traditional social media platforms, Tribe allows you to foster closer ties within your family through establishing meaningful connections.

Tribe also helps your appointed executor/trustee/guardian stay connected when you are no longer around.

Who to add to your Tribe?

These are your loved ones you consider part of your ‘family’ in the broadest sense. They are usually your immediate family and relatives.

For some, ‘family’ could include godparents, a family pastor for 20 years, BFFs, business mentors or closest associates.

You can also add your financial consultant in your Tribe and this person can be designated as your Investment Advisor in the SmartWill.

Should I add a deceased Tribe member?

Yes, if you regard him or her as part of your family heritage that you wish to pass down.

Memory & Memory Time Capsules

Why do we have memories in heritance?

The success of our lives is marked by key experiences, events and learning points. We want to pass down the most valuable memetic inheritance which can benefit our loved ones from one generation to another.

How is this different from other social apps like Google Photo or Facebook?

heritance Memories is not trying to be “social media”. You should curate and capture only the most precious memories to be passed down and share with specific Tribe members or Groups.

What are the type of memories?

Photos – Old family photos, family outings, significant events

DocumentsInspiring articles, family vision statements, letters to beneficiaries 

VideosMotivational movie links, clips or 1-min recording of your grandma’s message

Audio Voice commentary, inspiring songs, prayers, last words 

What are Memory Time Capsules?

The equivalent of physical time capsules buried underground, MTC are memory packs that are delivered to your beneficiaries at a specific time set by you.


  • “5 lessons” for my child when he turns 21 
  • “Grandma’s blessing” to an unborn child 
  • “Dad & mum’s marriage success recipe” opened on my daughter’s wedding day 
  • “My life celebration” delivered to my family on my 1st death anniversary
  • “Letters from Heavens” 

Let your imagination run, the possibility is countless!

Ensure the recipient has a valid email account and set notifications. We also include them into your Will so that they will not be lost with the passage of time.

Why do I tag my Memory Time Capsules?

You can tag others in your Memory Time Capsules so they can receive your MTC and share in your memory. heritance will send yearly reminders to the people you have tagged.

Why can't I edit my Memory Time Capsules?

Like a parcel, once packed and scheduled for delivery, you cannot change the content. You can, however, delete the MTC.


Do I need a lawyer to write my Will?

As long as your Will fulfils the requirements for legal formality, there is no need for your Will to be drafted, approved, or witnessed by a lawyer.

In Singapore and other common law countries, you have complete testamentary freedom to write your own Will. SmartWill is designed to adhere to the legality of the Singapore Wills Act. Do note that SmartWill, while customizable, is ultimately still a template provided by heritance for you to pass down your values with valuables.

Therefore, if you find that SmartWill does not meet your specific needs or you would like clarification on whether your specific Will can be drafted in a certain way, you may also engage our professional service providers in the Value-added Services.

Can SmartWill be used outside Singapore?

SmartWill is designed in accordance with the Singapore Wills Act and mainly applicable in common law countries. If your nationality or domicile is in a country other than Singapore, you are advised to seek your own legal advice before signing the will.

Is SmartWill applicable to Muslims?

While the SmartWill is not designed specifically for the Syariah law, Muslims may still use the heritance app to do their will.

After that, they may choose “VAS – Professional Review”, and we will refer them to our Muslim lawyer who is well-versed in Syariah law, to amend the will in accordance with the law.

What is a bequest and conditional bequest?

A bequest is a gift. A conditional bequest gives you more control by setting distribution rules or conditions.

With conditional bequest, the asset is given to the beneficiaries only upon the fulfilment of the condition.

I am worried about data privacy. Do i need to provide all the particulars of myself and my loved ones?

SmartWill only requests for the minimal data required to fulfil the legal formality requirements of the Will and the attestation process. Rest assured that all your personal data are also encrypted and protected in our enterprise-level cloud security.

Can I retrieve my draft Will?

If you choose the ‘Save Draft” button at the end of the form, you will be able to login at a future date to retrieve your draft Will. Otherwise, your data will not be saved.

What do I do after I make the will?

Once you created the SmartWill, print and ink-sign it in the presence of two witnesses. Ensure that your witnesses are above 21, are not beneficiaries or spouses of beneficiaries of your Will and they both acknowledge that you have read and understood your Will.

Store your SIGNED will in a safe and easily accessible place. In addition, make sure that your family members or your executor knows where you have stored your SIGNED will.

However, take note that a digital copy of SIGNED will is not enforceable in court.

Does heritance provide professional custodian services?

Currently, we do not. However, we intend to liaise with professional custodian service providers in future. Stay connected with heritance through our mailing list and social media to receive the latest updates!

Can I sign the Will if I do not read or understand English?

The Singapore court only recognizes Wills written in English Language. If you do not read or understand English, please find your own translator to translate and explain the contents of the Will to you.

You will have to indicate the translator’s name and NRIC at the attestation clause as well, and your translator will have to sign and indicate that he has translated the Will to you in your language of understanding.

Please note that the translator cannot be your beneficiary or spouse of your beneficiary. Your translator may also double up as your witness.

What happens after I pass on?

An informant may update your status on heritance as ‘Deceased’. To do so, he/she will need to submit their NRIC, your NRIC and your death certificate for our verification purposes.

Once we have verified the information, we may contact your appointed executor to confirm your passing before sending him the data in your heritance account.

Do note that as the courts only recognize the original signed Will and not a digital copy, you will have to ensure that your executor knows where your Will is located, or your executor is in possession of your original Will. heritance will not take responsibility for any delay in the probate process or if your original signed Will cannot be located.

Alternatively, you may wish to sign up for professional custodian services to ensure that your original will is safely kept.

Your executor will then apply to court for a Grant of Probate with your original signed Will. With the Grant of Probate, the executor can communicate with banks and other relevant entities to distribute your assets according to the wishes in your Will.

What if I want to amend my Will after I sign it?

SmartWill is designed to make estate and legacy planning a lifestyle. Therefore it is easy for you to re-write your Will.

Just head over to the SmartWill function of the app and you will be able to re-generate as many number of Wills as you desire.

However, do note that the latest will generated and signed will be taken as your last and final Will. All Wills signed prior to the latest Will is null and void.

What is my role as executor and trustee?

As executor and trustee, you are required to administration and distribute the testator’s property according to his wishes as stated in the Will.

Furthermore, a trustee’s duties are fiduciary in nature. This means that while you are afforded discretion in your management of the trust, you are required to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries.

If you are of the opinion that your appointed executor and trustee is not able to manage the trust, you are advised to appoint a corporate trustee instead.

What is the difference between VAS Professional Attestation and VAS Professional Review?

For VAS Professional Attestation, the lawyer will assist to read and explain your will to you and also be one of the 2 witnesses.

For VAS Professional Review, the lawyer will provide one amendment of your will. Any further review and edits will be subject to the lawyer’s charges at the lawyer’s discretion. The lawyer will also be one of the 2 witnesses to the will.


How much is it to generate the SmartWill

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SmartWill, S$169 
SmartWill+, S$299 (U.P S$499) 

What are the payment methods available?

Payment can only be made securely  through the app. You can fill in your credit card details and check out the SmartWill. Please rest assured that heritance does not store any card details. 

How do I get a refund?

Please reach out to us at