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The App is free to use – pay only when you decide to download your generated Will! 

Best Value


S$ 199

Perfect for straightforward Wills

  • Appoint Representatives 
  • Personality Match Suggestions
  • Include Memory Time Capsules in your Will
  • Value-Added Services 

Most Flexible


S$ 349

Set conditions and create a customized legacy at a fraction of the cost

  • Appoint Representatives 
  • Personality Match Suggestion
  • Include Memory Time Capsules in your Will
  • Value-Added Services 
  • Set Deferred or Conditional Distribution 
  • Include Investment Decisions
  • Add Restraints 

Memory Time Capsule


u.p. S$19/ Time Capsule

Curate precious memories and send them to your loved ones at designated milestones. Memory Time Capsules are formalized in your Will to ensure that they are not forgotten and passed down to the proper recipient.

Value-Added Services – Professional Attestation 

S$ 150

Need someone to explain your SmartWill to you? No problem, we have just the person! Simply select the Professional Attestation value-added service upon check out and someone from our panel of independent and qualified lawyer/estate planners will reach out to you.

Value-Added Services – Professional Review

S$ 250

Do you want to make changes to your SmartWill with the help of a professional? We got you! Simply choose Professional Review value-added service upon check out, and get a professional from our panel of qualified lawyers and estate planners will reach out to you.

He/she will (1) review your heritance SmartWill, (2) provide up to one amendment of your SmartWill and (3) witness your SmartWill. 

Value-Added Services – Estate Liquidity Analysis

S$ 69

Are you concerned if your assets are able to satisfy the bequests to your beneficiaries? Let one of our professional financial consultants/estate planners analyse your finances and provide you with an Estate Liquidity Report for your ease of mind.

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