Built on the 3S principles, your heritance plan has three components:

1. Family Inheritance (Tribe)
A close family is a pre-requisite for successful inheritance. Our Tribes are build specially for your loved ones to connect, participate and bond. Discover each other’s wealth personalities, family traditions and interesting facts.
Forge stronger relationship to prepare your heirs and your appointed executor/trustee or guardian for their roles.

2. Memory Inheritance (MTCs)
Your belief, faith and values are captured in key life moments, memories and memos. heritance allows you to carefully curate such memories and share them with your Tribe. You can also compile multiple MTCs, attach an encouraging note to be digitally delivered to your loved one’s 21st birthday, wedding day or for your family to celebrate on your death anniversary. Alternatively, you can also write a letter to your future self.

3. Wealth Inheritance (SmartBequest)
A casual approach to estate planning often leads to much casualties. We combine professional expertise, psychometric scoring and peer-ratings to make SmartWills that reflects your values. Our algorithm also assists you in choosing the most suitable guardian, executor/trustee or advisors for the job.

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