Traditionally, Time Capsules are buried under the soil in sturdy containers. They commemorate significant milestones and reminders of individual hopes for the future.

I recently participated in a heritage tour at the National Gallery Singapore. I uncovered the Time Capsule contents buried under the foundation stone due for retrieval in 3000. Would anyone remember the existence?

True enough, we have also encountered cases of lost Time Capsules – whereby it is never found again despite the nationwide effort. This happened to the Time Capsule buried barely 52 years ago by our late Dr Goh Keng Swee at the National Stadium in 1970.

Time Capsules are momentous. Imagine the lessons and impact you can leave behind. Burying your mementoes underground and leaving someone to retrieve them after X number of years.

But what if that spirals down the rabbit hole when it’s lost? How can we ensure that it will never be dug up by someone else or if it will remain in place before retrieval? I can’t imagine my grandchildren digging up a tin can at my HDB playground in 50 years.

With all intent and purpose, precious memories have the potential to connect generations. Future generations are connected to their roots, so we ought to protect and guarantee the delivery of these precious memories.

We get the novel idea of Memory Time Capsules, but we can’t understand how that may be possible when our land development changes rapidly. Wouldn’t we be risking the precious mementoes like that?

We decided digitalisation is the way to go. We are introducing you to a function of our heritance app – Memory Time Capsule. You can upload memories and schedule them to be sent to anyone at your preferred specific date or milestone.

It’s hassle-free and guaranteed to reach the hands of your specified individual as long as a valid email is given. You just got to upload the memories and write a story or note. Leave the delivery to us!

You can pack multiple memories into one Memory Time Capsule. Suppose the purpose of a Time Capsule is to teach your child the lessons behind a successful marriage. In that case, you can upload memories from your family trip, family milestones, and complement them with a story you would like to share with your child.

Better yet, these Time Capsules are included in your will as Intangible gifts. That way, you can be sure that upon your passing, these valuable mementoes will not be forsaken or forgotten.

Some ideas of the Memory Time Capsules you can create on the app:

  1. Lost family recipes
  2. Grandpa/grandma’s messages to future great-grandchildren
  3. Life lessons learnt that can benefit young heirs (‘Shoebox letters’)

Try them out yourself by downloading the heritance App! Find out more here.