Jessy Png (Marketing and Sales Executive) had the joy to start off the year 2022 by interviewing Mr Jay Ng, founder of Makan & Shine and CEO of WeShine. Read on to uncover the motivation behind his radical career switch and how his family and near-death experience have impacted his life views.

About Jay Ng

Before Jay’s entrepreneurial journey, his career ranged extensively from private to government companies as he dabbled in the finance sector, particularly in investment and portfolio management. Driven by his passion for trading, he also co-founded – a company that develops trading software for retail traders.

Fast forward to the present, he has stepped into the world of entrepreneurship as the co-founder of Makan and Shine and the CEO of WeShine. Makan and Shine is a Community-Driven movement that aims to improve Lower Wage Workers’ livelihoods by expanding their social circle for a more comprehensive network of job opportunities.

On top of that, Jay also decided to provide further aid to blue-collar workers by starting WeShine. This digital start-up aims to connect employees and employers through a mobile-first community.

It was not an easy journey for Jay. Let’s watch a snippet of the interview to understand some of the challenges that he went through.

The Importance of Family Support

It is heartening to note that despite the adversities, Jay came out glorious, and equal credit has to also be given to the support of his family, especially his wife. Let’s watch this video that captures the importance of his family’s support.

3 Insights to Impart

The Covid-19 Pandemic hit Jay differently on a personal level. Beyond his eureka moment to dive into community-driven entrepreneurship, he was reminded of his near-death experience back when he went for his post-graduation in Cambridge.

Back then, he went through the painfully long process of being bedridden for 10 months and four surgeries due to an infection. He recounts that it was a “dark period”, unsure if he would make it or break it. As he lay and struggled with death on the hospital bed, he reflected on three pivotal insights that have now come to shape his worldview.

How Things Could Have Been Different with heritance

After we met Jay and shared about heritance with him, Jay exclaimed that things could have been so different if he had the heritance App!

Knowing that the app allows the passing on of Memory Time Capsules, Jay mused that if only he had the App then, he would have felt assured that his life lessons would be passed on to his child at the respective milestones he wanted.

It would have been such an easy feat as he could upload voice memos, pictures, videos, and even PDF files to be scheduled and sent to his son during his absence, giving him a peace of mind.

As a Millennial himself, Jay also firmly believes that the App is relevant to the Millennial generation, and we should all advocate for #ValuesBeyondValuables. Let’s watch this final snippet to hear his thoughts.

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