A recent article by CNA  is a thought piece on how the modern generation takes and stores so many photos (thousands in a typical person’s phone), that photography has become “less about remembering something and more about creating a visual archive of almost everything.”

The article also mentions that because we have created so many images, the images themselves become ubiquitous and to some extent less meaningful.

Something is or is perceived to be of a higher value if it is rare or unique – think a designer bag or a unique art piece. However, if a moment, memory or milestone is captured and represented by a hundred images, which one is key? Which ones capture the significant parts of the memory?

How can you convert your photos to memories?

This pain point is exactly what heritance addresses. With our Memories function, upload your most significant moments. It is a curated album, reserved only for the most precious. What’s even better is that you can upload not only photos but videos, audio recordings and documents.

The article concludes with the author reminiscing on his late grandaunt’s life through printed photographs. The author also mentioned that physical photo albums may be more special as they capture handwritten notes on the back, and the texture of ageing paper tells the stories of history gone by.

With heritance, capture all of the above and more. You can write a personal story or a description of the memory when you upload your photo and schedule a Memory Time Capsule to send that Memory to your loved one at a future date.

In this case, you are in control of who you want to give access to your Memory, and when. You can even schedule this to be done after your death, thereby ensuring that you are able to leave a meaningful Memory to your loved ones.

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The author asks – “when our lives are so saturated with mobile cameras, do photographs (and videos) still retain special value?”

You do not need to choose between keeping your archive of photos and capturing only key moments. With the heritance App, you can do both!

Continue to take as many photos and videos as you want to archive the day, but upload only the key moments to the Memories function for significance and posterity.

Download the heritance App and try it out yourself!